Mark Colgan, co-founder of Montage Wealth Management, launches MarkColgan.Co to reveal his focus on helping successful women forge a clear path to financial independence.

I am thrilled to announce the launch of MarkColgan.Co, to showcase our specialized arm of Montage Wealth Management. As a former widower, husband, and father I am enthusiastic about helping successful women get their finances dialed in, so they can build financial security and do more of what they love.

When my partner and I co-founded Montage Wealth Management back in 2014, we aspired to create a better approach to financial planning — one that demystified an overly complex system and helped people enrich their lives, not just beat benchmarks. The core of our approach was based on the philosophy that true financial freedom is being able to spend your time and money on what you love.

We believed that, as financial planners, the best way to help people was to design a more comprehensive, human-centered planning process–one that helped every individual client make intelligent money choices through every stage of life. Since then, we’ve helped our clients proactively navigate the ebb and flow of markets and life’s major moments.

Over the years, I began to realize that I had organically developed a niche working with successful women. Over that time, I became keenly aware of the inconspicuous ways the financial system shortchanges women, especially single mothers, recently widowed, divorced, or single by choice. I’ve been particularly frustrated to see brilliant women, team leaders and top earners in their industry, missing opportunities to make their money work as hard as they do.

In 2021, 31% of high-net-worth women are living in a solo household (single by choice, divorced or widowed), but the tax system continues to favor couples and the “traditional” family. Compounding that challenge, women typically live longer and consequently can’t rely on support from a spouse. Additionally, women are often the earners and primary care givers

The result? Working women have a heck of a lot on their plate, with the added pressure of navigating a biased system.

As a former widower, I know life doesn’t give us do-overs. So, while money’s great, all we take with us when we go is the memories it affords. As a seasoned financial advisor, I know numbers matter. So, similar to how doctors use medicine to help their patients feel better, we use numbers to help our clients live better.

As a father, I’m on a mission to shake things up in the system, not just for my clients, but also for my daughter. I’m raising a resilient, independent young woman. I believe she deserves the exact same opportunities as my son.

Having built a thriving business at Montage, I’m uniquely qualified and called to help women do this. With this new niche service, I’m focused on financial planning for women who are ready to prioritize themselves and their financial future, because they know life’s too short to put on hold.

I believe that the ability to walk through life on your own terms is the highest form of financial independence.

We’ll be using the same proactive planning process we developed for our clients at Montage Wealth Management but tailoring it to address the unique challenges and circumstances most successful women face. Just a few of our services include:

  • Key financial planning considerations that specifically benefit single women, such as QTIP trusts for second marriages or claiming unused exemptions for saving estate taxes
  • Cutting edge software that analyzes your tax return for hidden opportunities even brilliant accountants overlook
  • Practical services to accommodate busy lifestyles, such as our concierge car buying service
  • Our incredibly unique Survivor Support program to assist you through the logistics of losing a loved one

Launching MarkColgan.Co gives my mission a focused platform to help you, or your daughters, sisters, wives, and colleagues build financial security to do more of what they love.

You can learn more about our approach at