By Mark Colgan, CFP®

When it comes to managing finances, many successful people struggle with financial doubt. There’s an overwhelming amount of information at their fingertips, and as rules and regulations change, many misconceptions emerge…making an already complex topic even more complicated. This can make people feel unsure and become indecisive, leading to procrastination—or worse yet, harmful decisions. Unfortunately, the consequences of making poor decisions can lead to missed opportunities or potentially losing money and damaging your financial plan.

Those are legitimate problems—and the reason Montage Wealth Management exists. We are here to guide you through your questions and concerns with a proactive planning process that helps you identify unknown opportunities and make informed decisions, all so that you’re free to enjoy more of what you love.

Who We Serve

We help successful professionals, retirees, and families plan their future with confidence. Our clientele are often high achievers who may already be deemed “successful” but are seeking improvement and confidence with their finances. They are financial savvy but yearn to experience the transformation from financial doubt to financial freedom. In a state of financial doubt, people are often reactive, overwhelmed, and indecisive; whereas those with financial freedom are likely to be proactive, informed, and confident. 

While from different walks of life, all our clients share the desire to see their money work as hard for them as they do for it. Additionally, they want a trusted guide to help them navigate their financial life and keep them on track toward their goals, no matter what life throws at them.

What We Do

To help you work toward your goals, we pride ourselves on creating personalized financial plans. But we do more than just give you a plan and send you on your way; we partner with you to make certain everything is executed properly. Our active involvement includes providing you:

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Individualized investment management
  • Proactive risk management

Through these services our goal is to guide you to true financial freedom so you can ultimately have enough to spend on the people and experiences you love. Along the way, our proactive planning process helps you manage change and make intelligent money decisions so you can continue making memories with your money. We call these Montage Moments, but we bet you’ll call them “Remember the time when’s.”

The Montage Wealth Management Difference

Here’s how our approach is different:

✔ We involve specialists for sophisticated solutions.

✔ We collaborate with your accountants & lawyers for prudent execution.

✔ As independent fiduciary asset managers, we create highly customized plans.

These attributes help us create and actively manage a truly personalized financial plan to help you work toward your dreams. Additionally, our deep connections in our network of professionals ensures you have all the expert advice through every stage of life. Whether you need help with healthcare planning, long-term care insurance, legal expertise, or college planning, we love connecting our clients with the right people and services to cover all your bases and educating you so you can feel confident in your future.

Finally, we love what we do. The “fire in our belly” is evident as we continuously strive to do our best for you. This pride isn’t a metric that can be calculated, but we believe it’s essential for delivering immeasurable results. So don’t be surprised to receive the support of a team that always puts you first and is relentless about helping you succeed. We firmly believe that money should bring you freedom, not fear, and we are here to help you experience that!

If you’re ready to experience the transformation from financial doubt to financial freedom so you can enjoy more of what you love, we invite you to get started by contacting us. Either email, call (585) 419-2270 or click here to access our schedule and book an appointment time that is convenient for you.